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Leather furniture sets are luxurious and valuable and make a bold statement before all visitors. Leather couches and chairs are high priced, especially furniture sets made of exotic leathers or designer pieces. Different types of leather call for different cleaning methods and we strongly urge our customers to avoid using home cleansers which can damage the leather and end up costing a lot of money. Instead, we can offer to our customers professional advice, technical expertise and top level professional leather sofa cleaning with no risk of mutilation or alteration involved.

Entrust the pros at Prolux Carpet Cleaning in Welwyn AL6to clean your favorite leather living room set. Our high quality upholstery cleaning service will get rid of spots, odors, and allergens while protecting and conditioning the expensive leather of your furniture. We will totally brighten up the color and the luster of your favorite leather furniture. With the aid of our professional maintenance the useful life your living room set is prolonged and you are going to avoid high replacement costs. Your leather sofa and armchairs will be once again pleasing to look at as they add charm and elegance to your interior.

Our sofa cleaning procedure follows several steps:

  1. We check the finished work for any oversights or imperfections before declaring the job complete.
  2. The leather surface is then spot treated and blotted using a special agent and a clean cloth.
  3. Your sofa and other furniture are vacuumed at all accessible places for removal of all hard particles, lint and dust accumulated between creases and under the cushions.
  4. We inspect the leather furniture for stains, odors, mold, and dust.
  5. Before we start working we are going to test on a small patch of the material to be sure its structure and color will withstand the procedure.Since different leather manufacturers use different production technologies and chemicals, it is vitally important to employ the right cleaning methods for your furniture. Our experienced technicians will select the safest and most efficient way to clean your sofa.

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